Hodowla psów rasowych CA DE BOU * DOGO CANARIO & Boston Terrier.

CA DE BOU z czystych hiszpańsko-portorykańskich linii tylko w hodowli TOŁDI.

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The Ca de Bou breed is present in our life already for 17 years!

As one of the few kennels in Europe, our breeding work is based exclusively on the Spanish-Puerto Rican blood lines. . A popularization and improving the race ca are an idea of putting our farm on De Bou in our country. Thanks to the hard work above the external appearance and the psyche of our dogs we can today with pride state that our foster children are achieving enormous exhibition successes not only in Poland but also also behind borders of our country. Our dogs are winners of exhibitions in Spain,Hungary, in the Czech Republic, on Slovakia, in Germany. They got regarding judges rapidly in entire Europe. Their wonderful appearance and the wonderful condition as well as the stable psyche are reflecting achieved successes.

We select the parents very carefully in terms of the type, nature and ABOVE ALL- health. All dogs in our kennel are tested for hip dysplasia and in reproduction we use only dogs with very good results. All future owners receive with the puppy results of all tests of its parents.

Breeding dogs is our great passion and not source of income .Very important for us is the appropriate socialization of puppies, because each of them deserves special treatment so we devote to them the enormity of our time. That’s why in our kennel puppies are born 1-2 times a year.

Our main goal is to improve the breed, not just production of puppies!!!


Of everyone made interested in these wonderful races warmly we are inviting.